Moldavite is a green glassy gem material known as a tektite. Tektites are formed from the impact of meteorites on the earth. Moldavite is the best known tektite and is sought after for its beautiful molten surface and translucent green color.

Moldavite came from a meteorite that fell to earth about 15 million years ago in Germany and spread across the area of the Czech Republic. It is named after the Moldau River in the Czech Republic where the stone was first found. Originally it was thought that the  moldavite glass was part of the original meteorite but now most scientists believe the meteorite melted the minerals in the impact area to create the glass which then was strewn over a wide area.

Moldavite has been used as a talisman stone for over 20,000 years by ancient man. Its unique origin from outer space certainly gives it a mystical quality. It is currently a “star” amongst  new age healing stones.

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